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August 18, 2013

Waiting for the Moment

Sometimes I have the urge to wait for the right moment to happen before taking a photo or have an image in my mind of how a photo should look like before taking a shot. I view this as a bad habit as a photographer. If I wait for these “perfect” scenarios to happen, a lot of amazing things would be missed. Exciting moments can come in a blink of an eye and the urge to capture that moment on camera comes and goes in an instant.

During the summer, my wife and I took a road trip down to Bandon, OR. I have always heard good things about Bandon Beach and wanted to see it. We took the 4+ hour drive down from Portland, OR and set up camp. Actually, we arrived in the small town late Friday night and we couldn’t find a camping spot for our tent; our camp for the first night was in our vehicle parked on a side street. (Sometimes you just have to work with what you have) Before calling it a night, we saw brilliant light over the harbor. I, of course, had my camera equipment and the moment was there and then; it just came upon me and I didn’t have to wait. I set up the tripod and started clicking away.



There are times when the “moment” is there, but you just have to keep your eyes open and search for it a little bit. The next day on our Bandon trip, we did a little sightseeing of different parts of Bandon Beach. We drove to different cliffs overlooking the beach. It was somewhat of a windy and cloudy day and, although the views were beautiful, I couldn’t catch the right moment on camera; I just didn’t feel it looking at my shots. With the weather conditions, we could see the sand flowing so brilliantly down the beach. How was I going to capture the experience? I was curious of how it would feel to be down there with sand blowing past me! I walked a trail down to the beach and started to walk into the wind. The sand stung my skin at times during the bursts of wind, but the experience was by far worth it; it was invigorating! I was able to capture this amazing experience to share with others and have as memories.




This trip to Bandon reminded be about a lot of good practices in photography. I hope to maintain the lessons learned. However, we all need reminders at times.

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