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Rom-Yen Guest House Rom-Yen Guest House Rom-Yen Guest House

Rom-Yen Guest House

While my wife and I were in Thailand for the second time visiting family and enjoying the beaches, I talked my mother into letting me build website for her guest house.  When she agreed, I was excited for the opportunity.  We soon got to talking about layout, structure, content, and photography.  While on the visit, I spend a few hours taking photos of the place both day and night.  I also researched tools and WordPress themes I can start the building process from.  After finding a theme that met most of the needs of the site, I began customizing the theme to complete the requirements that included modifying the reservation system.  Once the structure was in place, I added my photography, wrote the content, and went through rounds of testing. If you ever plan to visit southern Thailand, be sure to check Rom-Yen Guest House out in Phuket for your accommodation needs.

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