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September 6, 2011

Off-Road Adventures and Homemade Tortillas

One of my favorite places to go in Mexico is Puerto Vallarta. My wife and I went there this last Christmas amid all the chaos happening in Mexico reported by the media. Once we got off the plane, it was another sort of chaos; many taxi drivers offering to give us a ride. Luckily, we pre-arranged a ride and knew who we were looking for. We were greeted by friendly locals upon arrival at the hotel and continued throughout our stay in the charming town.

We went on a few tours in Puerto Vallarta that included snorkeling, kayaking, and candle-lit dinner with a show on a remote island, but one of my favorites was an off-road adventure into the small towns and farmlands of Mexico. At one of the stops, we met a women whose family grew corn, grounded it, and made their own tortillas. The woman was making the tortillas as the off-road truck pulled in. She was making them for our group to go along with fresh pinto beans (known as Mexican meat by the locals), cactus salad, salsa, and guacamole. I was able to capture an experience that signified her way of living. We were honored to be welcomed into her home and was an adventure we would never forget.

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