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July 21, 2014

Catching Up

It’s been quite some time since I have posted anything to my blog.  Of course I’m going to back up my reasoning with, “It’s been a busy last few months.”  Well, I can really say it has with trips, holidays, long work hours, training, and wife going through surgery.  I finally have somewhat of a break and am eager to learn new things in the web development and photography fields as well as spend time working on DIY projects like upgrading something in the house, building robots, or building a radio-controlled airplane from scratch.

To start off, I’ll share one of my favorite photos from a trip my wife and I took to Thailand in November/December 2013.  It had been four years since we’ve been to the area and this time around, we spent much of our time on the beaches, volunteering to entertain children at local schools, getting massages, going body-boarding, cooking, and spending quality time with family.




Not much went on between the holidays and March besides working long hours at my full-time job and my wife going through her first phase of jaw surgery.  A lot of time was spent juggling work and taking care of the home.  In March, I have the opportunity to go to the Fluent Conference in San Francisco to enhance my web development career and learn more about the web platform, specifically JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5.  It inspired me more to learn everything I can about the technologies.  While there, I spent a couple of evenings to take some photographs of the San Francisco as it was my first time there.



Since returning from the Fluent Conference, I’m inspired to learn and brush up on tools and technologies.  Some of the things on my To Do list are:.

– Read “Learning Web App Development” by Semmy Purewal, a book I picked up at the Fluent Conference during an author signing.  Semmy was a delight to talk to and the book has been great so far for a Web App Development newbie.

– Set up my development environment to be more automated based on the workshop taught by Kitt Hodsen at the conference titled “Automate All the Front End Things,” which can be found on Youtube.

– Review the video library of all the talks held at the Fluent Conference I didn’t get a chance to see.

– Watch Web Development training videos on youtube from LevelUpTuts, particularly Drupal and Command Line training.

– Go to local web development meetups and trainings to prepare for Drupal 8 and WordPress 4

Until next time,


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